Community Resources

We’ve put together some information and resources to help make your new family member’s transition a little easier and to help along the way. Don’t forget to always do your research!



Adopting a Rescue Dog: The First Seven Days From Shelter to Home

Dog Safety: Tips to prevent bites and knowing dog behavior and communication

You and Your Dog: Pet Care Resource Page

Thinking about adopting a puppy? Read this first:  Before You Adopt A Puppy

Dogs and Kids: Know Your Dog’s Body Language



Ranking Your Dog’s Food



Smoking is bad for you and your pets!!!!  Here’s more info at!!

Help Around the House

Critter Control:  Need help removing wild critters in and around your home? As a smaller wildlife company, Critter Control handles any animals causing damage on properties or posing danger to residents. These practices are carefully conducted, and the wildlife is released into a safe and natural environment.


Pet-friendly Housing

Need help finding a pet-friendly home? Try one of the links below! englewood-co/pet-friendly/ Zillow Englewood pet-friendly page with over 40 pet-friendly listings with fair rental price estimates co/pet-friendly/ Zillow Denver pet-friendly page with over 800 pet-friendly listings with fair rental price estimates rent/Denver,CO/ Trulia Denver apartments page with about 2,000 listings with pet-friendly filters and in-depth neighborhood information apartments-for-rent Hotpads Denver apartments page with about 1,000 listings with pet-friendly filters, in-depth photos, information and unique features such as street view of each property friendly/ Zillow Colorado pet-friendly page with over 2,900 pet-friendly listings with fair rental price estimates, a nationwide apartment search website

Pet Insurance

A couple great websites that compare pet insurance companies! reviews/ 


Fun and Creative

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