Colorado Canine Rescue (CCR) does not have a central facility – all of our dogs are in foster homes.  Areas in which we may need help are listed on the Volunteer Application.  Thank you for helping us help the dogs!


1.  Potential volunteers must complete and submit both the Volunteer Application and the Liability Waiver.

2.  The Application will be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator, who will contact the applicant to establish area(s) of interest. 

3.  Appropriate training, as needed, will be provided to the volunteer by the appropriate Coordinator. 

4.  Volunteers under the age of 18 will be permitted only with written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

5.  Volunteers assume all risks associated with working with CCR and the animals.

6.  The volunteer will be contacted when needed, and participation will be subject to availability.

7.  Volunteers must present themselves in a professional manner when representing CCR.

8.  Volunteers may not make any commitments or enter into any agreements on behalf of CCR. 

9.  Volunteers should not act in any manner or take any actions that could be considered inconsistent with CCR’s mission or bylaws.

10.  Volunteers accept full responsibility for expenses incurred by them while volunteering with CCR.  For reimbursement, prior arrangements must be made with a CCR Board Member and appropriate receipts must be submitted.