Foster Parents and Volunteers

Thank you for being one of our Foster Homes or Volunteers!  We have added some of our most common forms and resource materials to this page for your convenience to refer to or download.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions of other resources that would be helpful to you while working with our group!

Forms used during the adoption process:

Adoption Application 2018, pdf

Adoption Contract 2018, pdf

CCR Home Visit Guidelines–  This is just a form of suggested things to look for when doing a home visit or meet and greet.  CCR does not need the form signed or completed, it’s merely a tool that you may refer to if you would like help or suggestions.

Bio Cheat Sheet–  This has a list of information that we would like included in the bio for each dog.

Information and forms needed while fostering:

CCRFosterCheatSheet , pdf –   Here is a quick “cheat sheet” that goes over our fostering process.

Foster Dog Initial Observation Form –  Please complete this around 10 days after your foster pup arrives.

Foster Dog Update Form –  Please complete this monthly or whenever there is a change in your foster dog’s behavior.

Medication Record, pdf – Please use this form to sign off any medications administered.  It must be printed, initialed after administration, and returned to Amy.

CCR vets, pdf–  Here is a list of veterinary clinics that CCR works with.  Please make sure Amy knows which vet you would like to use!

DACC intake form: Downtown Animal Care Clinic intake form.  This form needs to be presented at each appointment and/or emailed the night before the appointment.


Volunteer Information:

TRANSPORT CCR, pdf —  Here is a tip sheet of what to expect, what supplies to bring, and what to do when transporting foster dogs.

Volunteer Application 2018, pdf

CCR Policies:

Bite Protocol Policy 6-17, pdf

Behavorial Protocol Policy 6-17, pdf

ttendance at Events by Foster Dogs Policy, pdf

Adoption Process Policy 6-17 (2), pdf

Adoptions Outside of Denver Policy 6-17, pdf

Board Member Selection Policy 6-17, pdf

Foster Mentor Program Policy 6-17 2, pdf

Fostering Policy 6-17, pdf

Non-Discrimination Policy, pdf

Owner Relinquishment Policy 6-17, pdf

Standard Medical Care Policy 6-17, pdf

Transfers From Another Shelter or Rescue Policy 6-17, pdf

Whistleblower Policy, pdf

Selection of Coordinators Policy,pdf

Handling Emergency Situations Policy, pdf

CCR Bylaws January 2018, pdf

Spay and Neuter Policy, pdf

General Forms/Info (other):

Hold Harmless  (Liability release form)–  This is our liability release form.  We must have this form signed by anyone that will be left responsible for the care of your foster dog if you are not present (ie, dog sitters or friends).

Foster Program Agreement 2018, pdf—  CCR’s Foster Home Agreement

CCRCodeofBehaviorPolicy:  CCR’s Code of Conduct Form

CCR Vaccination info puppies 6-8 wks—  Here is the “recommended” guidelines for vaccinations for puppies at 6-8 weeks.

CCR Vaccination over 16 wks & unknown pdf —  Here is the “recommended” guidelines for vaccinations of older puppies or dogs that have unknown histories or medical histories.

Foster Home Inspection, pdf—  Foster Home Yearly Home Visit form

General Resource Information:

— Below are several different files that go over common issues incurred with dog ownership and that you will likely encounter at some point while fostering.  They include general info about the topic with hints and tips on how to treat or prevent the issue.

Heartworm Education Brochure


Links for Ear Infection


Flea and tick

Pets, parasite and kids



Anal Glands





AFTER You Get Your Puppy booklet – a great all around resource with lots of helpful info!!!