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Courtesy Postings:

The dogs listed below are courtesy posts and are not in CCR’s program.  If you would like more information or to adopt them, please contact the individual listed with each dog (or cat!!).


Max – Max is an appx 9 month old lab/shar pei (?) mix. He loves his people, loves to snuggle and is always happy to see you. He is loving, smart, protective and very eager to please. That being said, we feel he would do best in a home with no young children. Although he has not shown aggression towards my 7 y/o (he is as eager to see her as anyone else), he does warn when he feels cornered by her and usually moves away when she comes close without an adult nearby. He just doesn’t seem comfortable around her. He does resource guard, but is getting better with training. Max has learned for the most part that cats are not to be messed with, but will need further training here as well. He currently lives with 3 other dogs and really enjoys running and playing with them. As he is still a puppy, he benefits from crate time once or twice a day so he can nap.  If you are interested in meeting Max, please contact Trish at 719-290-9312 (fastest method) or patricia.m.mcpeek@gmail.com


Jessi  – She is an adult pit mix who weighs in at about 65 lbs and is approximately 2 and 4 years. She is a smart girl who loves toys and knows how to play fetch and is seemingly friendly with all animals. She especially loves playing with her best friend Rufus (see below). Extremely curious about cats and rabbits. She is a tad standoffish with then even other dogs however this maybe residual from her previous experience. She loves kiddos and treats are a new and exciting thing. She is spayed (and had a hernia fixed) and has received her rabies. And she is recovering in a kennel and goes potty only outside. She came from what the vet calls a “backyard breeders situation” especially since they think she had puppies about 10 weeks ago. Screening will include breed legality in the city of residence as well as landlord permission. If you are interested in Jessi please contact Elizabeth Schreffler 720-530-8458.


Rufus – He is an American Bulldog/boxer mix who is between 2 and 3 years old. He weighs in around 85lbs. He doesn’t seem to have experience with other dogs and animals but is learning his manners quickly. He has no idea how big he is. He also is recovering from his neuter and shots in a kennel and we have not had any accidents indoors. Treats and car rides are new to him as well. He loves to lick little fingers. Rufus is also a good boy taking his pain meds even when I have to put my hand in his mouth. If you are interested in Rufus, please contact Elizabeth Schreffler 720-530-8458.



Bella is approximately 2 years old and is believed to be a lab/boxer mix. Sweet Bella has been in and out of shelters her entire life. She was a wild woman who seemed to take to the streets naturally until MHWR stepped in to help her. She quickly wins over hearts everywhere she goes as she is very affectionate and loving with people.  She does well with other dogs and loves kids. Bella has good leash manners, but does have a history of getting bored when left alone outdoors and has been known to climb/jump fences. With this in mind, her current foster keeps her on a leash even when out in the yard at all times in order to keep her safe. She is a perfect angel when in a secure home INDOORS. She is crate trained however would love to be out and about with everyone else. She loves to snuggle on the couch and would sleep in your bed if you let her. While Bella certainly possesses some challenging behaviors with her jumping abilities, we know that she has plenty of love to give and her perfect family is out there somewhere! Like all young dogs, Bella will benefit from continued training, socialization, and daily exercise. If you are interested in meeting Bella, please contact Mile High Weimaraner Rescue at  info@mhwr.org