Available Dogs

To learn more about any of the available dogs or if you are interested in adopting, please submit an online application by clicking the link below.  Due to the high volume of inquires and phone calls we receive and our limited volunteer resources, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to respond to email or phone call inquiries promptly.  Adoption applications received will start the screening process immediately and will receive priority.
Please note that CCR cannot hold dogs, arrange meet and greets or adopt out any dogs without a completed and approved adoption application.

Please note:

  • All dogs and cats in the adoptive home must be up-to-date on state mandated vaccinations and current on their basic veterinary care.  Applicants will be denied if the current pets do not have their rabies vaccines at time of reference checks unless there are special circumstances that are approved by their veterinarian.
  • No pit bull type dog/bully breed mixes will be adopted out-of-state and an in-person home visit is required. Such breeds include, but are not limited to American Staffordshire Terrier, Cane Corso, American Bulldog, and Dogo Argentino.  These dogs will not be adopted into breed restricted area.
  • We do not accept checks.



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Courtesy Postings:

The dogs listed below are courtesy posts and are not in CCR’s program. If you would like more information or to adopt them, please contact the individual listed with each dog (or cat!). CCR does NOT evaluate the behavior or health of ANY courtesy listing. 


Yogi is about 4 1/2 years old, he’s very playful and loving, a classic velcro heeler, always by my side, huge love bug.
He loves to hike walk jog play fetch and he’ll do anything for a treat. He can play dead, roll over. sit, stand, lay down shake and wait for treats. Right now he lives with myself and my husband and our two-year-old daughter and four-month-old daughter. He’s very good with kids, but not aware of personal space. He needs to be in a one dog home, he’s friendly with every human he meets but he’s a little scared of dogs the past year since he got bit on a walk.
He has had four seizures in the last eight months, we’re not sure why, his blood work is fine, so we’re not sure what exactly is wrong with him. He takes medication for seizures, two pills of breakfast two pills a dinner he eats them with peanut butter and doesn’t even know they’re there. They are very cheap at Costco so it’s no bother to us. After a seizure he’s very confused for about an hour and forgets rules like he’s not allowed in the kitchen, and he’s kind of hyper. For the first two minutes after the seizure you can’t go near him because he is in a post ictal state, and he bit my husband once during this time.