Adopt A Dog

Adoption Process

CCR’s adoption process is very similar to the other rescues in our area. If you see a dog that we have available for adoption, please complete our adoption application located on this website. We will contact you very shortly via phone/email to answer any questions that you might have about our dogs or our adoption process. This short conversation will also allow us to make sure we find the perfect fit for your family. Our Adoption Coordinator will then talk with your veterinarian and the references you have listed and a home visit will be scheduled. During this process, we will refer you to the appropriate foster home for the dog that you are interested in meeting. The foster home will contact you to answer any further questions and to schedule a time and location for you to meet the dog. After meeting your new buddy and if all parties agree that it is a great fit, we can arrange a time for him or her to join you in your home. We allow a two week period, in which time, if you decide it is not going to be a good match the dog can be returned and you can choose to have the adoption donation reimbursed. We do ask that you give your new dog several days to weeks to adjust to your home and family. Your new dog will need a grace period to allow him or her to adjust to new rules, people and/or other pets, and a new schedule. Dogs who are house-trained in one home may have accidents in a new home, but this is to be expected while they adjust.

The adoption process sounds a little detailed, but depending on everybody’s schedule availability it can be completed in a short period of time and with little complications. You can always contact us at with any questions you might have!

Some dogs and most puppies attract a lot of interest. We try to be fair and screen applicants as their applications are received, but ultimately we adopt our dogs to the home that is the best possible match for them.

As of January, 2018, the requested adoption donation for CCR’s dogs will be as follows:

Puppies ages 0-11 months: $300

Adults ages 1 year – 6 years: $200

Seniors ages 7 years and older: $100

All of the dogs that are rescued through CCR’s program will have their basic vetting needs completed prior to adoption according to their age and medical needs. Through our adoption donations, we attempt to compensate for the costs of the medical care and other necessities, such as food and supplies.

The basic vetting completed for CCR dogs and the average costs CCR incurs are:

Vaccinations: Distemper combo vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, and Rabies vaccine : $10-20/each vaccine

Spay or Neuter: $60-130

Microchip: $15

Heartworm Test: $30

Heartworm medication: $5/ pill

Deworming: $10-20

Physical Exam: $0-35

It is not uncommon for CCR to provide extra medical care for our dogs depending on their needs. Some of the more common needs are dentals ($200-500 each), treatment for heartworm infection ($400-600), surgeries for broken bones or hip issues ($400-1000), and miscellaneous diagnostic exams such as x-rays, blood work, treatment of GI issues, and specialty consults.

Per Colorado State Law, all dogs adopted must be spayed or neutered prior to adoption unless there is a medical reason.


Heart Worm

Please read the heart worm educational material provided in your adoption paperwork. Many of the dogs that come into our group come from areas where they could have been exposed to heart worm. Your dog has tested negative for heart worm and has been on monthly heart worm prevention medication while in our care. Due to the life cycle of the heart worm, there is a chance that your dog could test positive in six-seven months. It is highly recommended that you continue heart worm prevention and that you retest your dog for heart worms six to seven months after our initial testing date.  Please consult your veterinarian if you have questions about the disease.  CCR will not be responsible for any further testing or treatment of the disease should your dog test positive for heartworm.