About Us

Colorado Canine Rescue, CCR, was founded by Amy Taylor in 2008. She and three other friends and family formed CCR’s board and started building this small dog rescue. CCR was incorporated on August 8, 2008 and received its 501c3 tax exempt status in January of 2009.  CCR’s EIN tax ID number is:  26-3226573.

CCR has no central facility.  It has no paid employees and is dependent on volunteer help.  All dogs live in foster homes while they are cared for and wait for their forever home to find them.

As of 2018, we have rescued over 1200 dogs that were “next-in-line” at the shelters and or relinquished from their owners. We continue to grow as resources become available, but this is done slowly to ensure that each dog gets the individual attention it needs, and receives the appropriate care and best possible placement in it’s forever home.



CCR’s Board of Directors and Coordinators consist of:
Amy Taylor

President, Medical and Foster Home Coordinator, Board Member

When Amy’s not busy helping run the rescue, she works as an ICU and ED nurse at Denver Health Hospital.  She lives with her little-dog-mix, Squeaks, and her tripod, Becca.  There is always a constant flow of foster dogs through their house!  All members of the pack enjoy escaping into the mountains for camping and hiking adventures.

Dana Collier Smith

Vice President, Board Member


Dana J. Collier Smith is President of DCS Strategies, LLC, a consulting firm that provides leadership solutions by assisting organizations in identifying their objectives and plans for long-term success, and focusing on individual professional development. A Denver native, Dana is mom to three beagles, Bailey, Barkley and Beatrice.

Nick Noble

Treasure, Board Member


Kristy Hitchings
Secretary, Board Member
Kristy Hitchings is the Executive Director of Into Your Hands Africa; an nonprofit organization that provides education and enterprise development programming in rural midwestern Uganda.  Kristy oversees operational planning and management, builds alliances, and serves as liaison between international staff and the board of directors. She was first introduced to CCR through the adoption of her two beloved mutts named Emmit and Jordy Jean.


Josh Taylor

Board member

Board MemberJosh Taylor is a lifelong animal lover and advocate for animal rights.  He has 3 dogs of his own, and multiple foster dogs (and occasional kittens) pass through on their way to a forever home!  As a graduate of The Ohio State University, Josh is an avid fan of the Buckeyes and is glued to seat during football season.  Originally from Ohio, he made it to Colorado via Florida and has lived in Denver for 11 years.  Hiking and camping with his dogs and wife is one of his favorite pastimes.  Being a voice for animals is another of his favorite hobbies!


Kendrick McNamee-Taylor

Public Relations 

Fundraising CoordinatorKendrick McNamee-Taylor has a dog addiction!  She is lucky to have a husband who  shares her passion for saving all types of animals and volunteering with, fostering and adopting dogs.  When she is not spending time with animals she is busy with baking, reading, traveling and performing other volunteer duties in Denver.  As a vegetarian, she and her husband enjoy experimenting with new recipes and get creative in the kitchen.  Luckily, there are 3 dogs to clean up any crumbs that fall on the floor!


Kellie Sack
Intake and Transport Coordinator 


Kellie has been volunteering or working in local shelters over the past decade, and joined CCR in 2017. Kellie lives with her pack of tan dogs, including her main girl, Ruby. Ruby started Kellie’s mission to advocate for and rescue pit bull-type dogs.

Tatiana Morrell

Online Mastermind


Tatiana has been involved in dog rescue since 2010 after the loss of her first dog, Charlie.  He inspired her to help other dogs who haven’t been lucky enough to have found their forever home.  Tatiana lives with her husband and two young girls and her two rescue dogs and rescue cat.  She works full time and does triathlons in her spare time.

Angie Skovira

Online Mastermind part II

angie S
Hi! My name is Angie. I began fostering dogs in 2011 after the sudden death of our beloved Malinois Kaida. We missed having a dog in the house but weren’t quite ready to adopt. We ended up fostering for three years. I now have two mutts – Judah, a Potcake rescue from the Bahamas and Zeus, a street rescue from Tijuana. Even though I cannot foster any longer, I love helping out CCR with new dog postings and home visits.

Diane Erps

Events Coordinator

Megan Tenhulzen

Social Media








Megan is new to the rescue world, but animals have always been close to her heart. She is the face behind the CCR Facebook page, as well as a foster dog mom. She lives with her husband, 8 year old son and their two rescue dogs–Fox and Bandit (who started her passion for rescue). She has an extra soft spot for senior dogs, and some day, she hopes to convince her husband they should live on a farm with room for 100 rescue dogs to roam! Until then, she’s pursuing a nursing degree while working in medical billing. In her “spare” time, Megan loves to read, hang out with her friends and family, and escape to the mountains. She loves advocating for rescue and saving furry lives, and is thrilled to be a part of the CCR team!


Deanne R. Stodden

Board Member